Médias sociaux et autres services

Social Media (Facebook) and other services

Social Media (Facebook) and other services

Help your friends, your family, your customers promote your website for you.

Social Media
(Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google)

About 78% of Quebecers of all age use social media. Our team will manage your social media accounts (Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram) on your behalf. Create events, competitions, highlights your achievements or simply pass along basic info—all of these actions are commonplace for us. Your customers are there. They are ready to communicate, speak their mind and share your news with hundreds of their friends.

(Zero in on your customers)

Facebook has more than 1.86 billion people connecting to what’s interesting them—and more than 900 million who log on the site every day. When you design a Facebook ad, you target an audience according to location, age, interests and other criteria. With Facebook ads, you can select the type of person you wish to reach and we will broadcast your ads to the targeted individuals. Your ads are thus tailored to the people viewing them and will bring real-world results.

Other Related
(Copywriting, translation, photos, etc.)

To create quality content and to bring added value to your website, you need relevant copy, pro-shot high impact images, corporate videos, interactive guided tours, etc. We have a wide partner network to tackle these various elements: copywriter, translator, photographer, videographer—and they’re all at your disposal to bring your website to the top spot.

Rédaction, traduction, photographie