Référencement et e-marketing

E-Marketing and SEO

E-Marketing and SEO

To increase awareness of your Website and search results

Google Analytics
(Detailed visit statistics)

With a 91% worldwide market share, Google Analytics is the gold-standard in Internet audience measurement. Its features, its ease of use and compatibility with other Google services make it a reliable and essential tool. Without statistics on visits, it’s difficult to keep track in order to improve your site.

Organic Ranking
(Search Engine Optimization)

Your site’s SEO is the basic building block on which your rank at the top of search engine result pages (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) is based. Investing in organic ranking makes it possible to increase your visibility, therefore your sales. We can improve all the elements essential to your site’s good ranking in the most important search engines.

Online Marketing

Use our services to design a specific and targeted email campaign to engage customers interested in your products and services. We have designed a self-management console enabling you to communicate with your customers. You can create, manage and send newsletters customized to your visual brand. Some of features of this service include the management of contact list, campaign design and choice of custom templates.

Google Adwords
(Keyword Auction)

Adwords is the Google’s online advertising program based on keyword auctions. Reach users at the specific moment when they perform searches using words or phrases related to your activities. You have the option to specify the location of your ad, to set the budget that suits you and evaluate the performance of your campaign.

Display Network
(AdSense GOOGLE Member Site Network)

Google’s Display networks are a group of more than a million websites (including Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, etc.) that are part of the Google advertising partner network (AdSense) that broadcast Adwords ads on their online real estate. This allows advertisers to target the sites that will display their ads according to criteria such as gender, age, interest, city, country and language.

Google Remarketing
(Reconnect with your Clients)

Remarketing allows you to broadcast ads to people who have already visited your website or used your mobile application. When a visitor leaves your website without making a purchase, remarketing enables you to reconnect with them by presenting them relevant ads when they browse the web, use mobile applications, or search on Google.

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