Programmation de sites et d’applications mobiles (Android, IPad, IPhone)

Mobile App Programming

Mobile App Programming


Custom programming or our Webgetarian CMS

Will your future site need advanced features? Whether it’s news, newsletter, image gallery, product catalogue or online sales module, our team can design the solution to meet your specific goals since we code your site with the options you really need. This makes the use simple, robust and efficient.

The Benefits of a Custom CMS

A custom-made CMS allows the update of news, the design of a product catalogue, sending emails, or changing page content (text and images)—anything can be done as long as you have a database and an admin interface! The database can be customized for any of your need, making it simple and particularly user-friendly for future uses (such as building a customer email list).

A custom CMS is slightly more expensive to purchase, but will be much less expensive to maintain in the long run. Security is simpler to manage since the code is not open to attacks. Because the code is clean, it will also be easier to customize and improve. If properly programmed, the custom CMS is faster to display and less energy-intensive in server resources. Visitors will also stay longer on the site since pages load more quickly.

Did you know that...?

Over the last few years, we have seen the launch of new open-source CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, etc. Installing the software components of these solutions is generally quick and inexpensive. However, any customization of these components to introduce a feature related to the needs of users or to change the visual template to reflect the requirements of the customers quickly become complex and much more cost-intensive than a custom solution.

Beware of sellers advocating the miracles accomplished by these CMS. Nothing’s ever perfect and easy as they claim. It’s true if you’re technically savvy and you’re ready to spend hours learning how to correctly manage one of these CMS systems. But, in reality, not everyone is a computer whiz. In many cases, a simpler solution that best fits your skills level might be more appropriate.

Correctly evaluate your needs. If you only need to add a couple of news each year or to update static data such as text and images, a simpler CMS will be much more user-friendly and cost-effective than those huge so-called “free” solutions.

Programmation application
Programmation application

Mobiles Applications

The use of smartphones, PC tablets and other mobile devices is constantly evolving. We have developed several mobile applications that met specific needs for our customers. These mobile applications are designed in native languages for iOS and Android platforms and meet the specificities of each.