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Visual Design

Visual Design

(Brand Identity, Print, Promotions)
We are aware how important your image is. Our visual design expertise and adherence to high quality standards differentiate you from your competition through a unique design sure to showcase your benefits. We take care of the visual design of your logos, flyers, business cards, corporate identity guidelines, newspaper ads, etc.
Web Design and Integration

Web Design and Integration

(website creation)
Is your company ready to shine on the Web? Our design team creates websites that make our clients stand apart from their competitors. Our Websites are not built from cookie-cutter templates or with a weak CMS that limits creativity. Each site we deliver is customized to your needs and image.
Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic Website Design

Easily update and maintain your Website yourself - in real-time and without any need to learn any programming whatsoever. And quickly reach your growth objectives!
Refonte / optimisation

Optimization and Redesign

(Existing Website)
You've poured sweat and money into your Website for years and would hate to see them go to waste? No problem. We can help you improve your current Website and bring it up to 2.0 standards. We can tackle anything: image makeover, content optimization, CMS installation, make your existing Website mobile-friendly by adding responsive features, etc. Our team can zero in on your Web performance gap and propose low-cost innovative solutions to help your Website keep pace with new technologies.




Intégration web

Web Integration

(visual designer, art director...)
You are a visual designer, art director, marketing manager or any other professional in charge of protecting the visual branding of your own Website or that of a client? No problem. We can assist you through all the phases of an efficient Web optimization process.





Information / Submission

Information        Submission


for which services
Design and usability Search Engine and Web Marketing
Brand Identity and Print Web Marketing (Email Newsletter)
Web design Website Stats
Dynamic website Search Engine Optimization
Optimization and Redesign Social Media Management
Coding E-commerce

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